Improve your Energy

Improve your EnergyFor the last couple of months, I've been the queen of organization and productivity.  I weekly  evaluated my primary roles and determined the highest priorities for each role.  It was a beautiful plan...until  I got some health news that shifted the equation.  Here was my problem--my productivity plan did not include extra space.  My margin was small and it only took one blip in my life to put me over the edge.  It wasn't even a blip that required more time, but the emotional energy required was enough to throw my system off kilter. So now, I'm forced to do some re-evaluation.  As a human, I have a limited amount of energy to expend each day and it is paramount that I make good choices about how I use that energy.  There are plenty of ways to evaluate any given day but here are some ideas if you feel your energy expenditure is less than optimal.

Each evening, take a few minutes to review your day by asking three questions—

  1.  What activities/people drained energy from me today?
  2. What activities/people energized me today?
  3. What activities/people were ‘energy neutral’ today?

After a week of data gathering, you’re ready to do some analysis.  Are there consistent activities that drain you?  Do  you need to limit certain activities or interactions?  Or, do you need to make more space for  people and activities that energize you?  Where do you need to set boundaries or release responsibilities?

It's easy to get into a rut of reactive activity and it takes work to proactively maximize the limited amount of energy we're given to work with each day.

Want to maximize your energy to increase your performance?  Click here for an evaluation of your current energy allocations.