The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The holidays have come and gone and we are often left with a sense of relief.  Finally.  Now we can get back to business as usual. Ugly sweaters are backin storage, Aunt Rose's fruit cake discarded and a number of the more ridiculous gifts have successfully been re-gifted through White Elephant gift exchanges. But before you throw out everything, perhaps there are some gifts with lasting value--to you and to your residents.

Often the holiday season is a time of increased community involvement.Fromtoy drives, to soup kitchens to adopt-a-family initiatives, giving seems a natural part of the time of year.Increasingly, consumers are looking for companies that give back and apartment residents are no different.They often desire to be contributing to the larger community--and not just once a year. But figuring out where to get involved can be time consuming and overwhelming.

But with just a little nudge in the right direction, your residents could find themselves engaging with their fellow residents to care for others in meaningful ways.What if you spent just a little time and energy on connecting your community with a worthwhile charity. Nothing huge to start--maybe just engagement 3-4 times a year.This is what we call a win-win-win.People in need receive necessary resources, your residents receive yet another highly valued amenity from you (a high priority on giving back) and you get greater resident satisfaction and connections leading to increased retention and a culture of giving.

For some ideas, start here.

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