Putting The Social Back In Social Media

So you want to know how to really engage your residents and prospective residents through the use of social media? According to Senior Vice President of Retail at Apple Angela Ahrendts, you may be asking the wrong question. “Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first.” Ahrendts is making an obvious, but important point--the skills for building social connections haven't changed. Whether in person or via social media, skills like listening, caring and conveying warmth are key to creating engagement. And engaged employees are key to creating engaged residents.

According to a recent study conducted by LinkedIn, the most socially engaged companies are led by socially engaged leaders and have happier, and more optimistic employees than less socially engaged companies. And, this seems to translate directly into a culture of pride in their company leading to higher engagement with customers and marketing leads.

What might it look like to harness the social power of media to engage your leasing staff? Your maintenance staff? Your residents? We would love to hear what's working!

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