Property Manager For Mayor

I often fear for my kids' future. Not just the state of the world and their job outlooks, but for the increasing disconnectedness of our culture. Loneliness and depression are rapidly becoming the most common maladies in our society. How can this be with all our "social" media? But we all know it's true. Making friends is hard. Especially when you live alone. And, apartment communities are rife with isolated people living in transition with limited connectedness to others in the community.

So I have an idea. What if, as a property manager, you saw yourself as the Mayor? What if your role included, not just the economic health, but the social health of your village? When I was working with leadership guru, Tim Sanders, one principle he taught was particularly transforming to my leadership. He knew that men and women in positions of leadership usually had more stability in their relationships, living arrangements and financial status. Those who worked for them were much more likely to have few close relationships, little continuity in their living arrangements and plenty of financial insecurity. Depression was much more rampant in the general workforce than in those in leadership. Sanders contended that good leadership required that we lead by caring for the whole person, not just the part of them that performs at work. I think that principle might apply to property managers as well. But someone needs to step up and lead.

The goal of the CARES program is to foster thriving communities by caring for and connecting residents to each other. Thriving communities make good fiscal sense, but they also make good social sense. With the mounting evidence of the harmful effects of loneliness on our physical and emotional health, we can't keep looking the other way. We need more leaders who will leverage their own strength to create thriving communities.

So how about it? You're elected. Will you be the Mayor?

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