Potential Pitfalls in Social Media Engagement

Potential Pitfalls in Social Media Engagement Pic

Potential Pitfalls in Social Media Engagement PicEngaging your residents through social media is no longer a luxury for most communities.  Like it or not, some of your residents will expect you to engage in this manner.  However, before you dive right in you'll want to consider some things that might sabotage your social media attempts:

  1. If you start engaging your residents through social media some will use it to engage you and they'll expect you to respond.  You can't submit a post or tweet once a week and never check it again.  Forty-two percent of consumers expect a response within an hour.  While you're not a faceless brand, you will want to communicate reasonable expectations for response time.
  2. A disgruntled resident may use this forum to start a negative stream.  It will help if you've thought ahead about how you'll engage these kinds of conversations.  Perhaps some rules of engagement posted on the page or the description.  While this can be a vital tool for improving your customer service, left unattended or engaged improperly you could find yourself in a touchy situation.
  3. In most cases, you want your residents to start engaging with each other--not just you.  Keep that end in mind with each post.
  4. Plan for consistency.  Daily posts for the first month followed by radio silence for the next is not an effective strategy for engagement.  Better to pace yourself and start out slow.  You can always add more interaction as you go.

What other pitfalls have you experienced?  How have you overcome them?