Plan Now for Outdoor Spaces Your Residents Can Enjoy in the Spring



Springtime may seem to be far in the future and there are undoubtedly more pressing issues right now, but taking the time to plan the future use of your outdoor spaces in the spring can really make life easier for you and much more enjoyable for your residents. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Consider Your Resident Profile – The demographics of the people in your complex will lead you to certain activities. For example, consider a playground space for kids, a barbecue area for families or a quiet, sitting area for seniors.

Actually Divide the Space – Just designating an area for a certain activity is not enough. If the area is part of a larger space, use dividers to keep it physically separated.

Be Creative with Dividers – The dividers, themselves do not necessarily have to be unattractive functional partitions. Instead, you can try things like potted plants – not only do they create a separate space but they add a little visual interest to the scene as well.

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