New Year's Resolutions - Take Two

Although data varies, most sources tell us that nearly half of us (49%) make New Year's resolutions. This should create a culture of new and improved people every January--and it does. For about two weeks tops. Only 7-8% of those who make resolutions have not broken that same resolution after just two weeks of the new behavior. That's a very low rate of success. What about you? Did you make a resolution? Are you still 'on the wagon'?

One of the problems with resolutions is that they often seem more like wishful thinking than anything resembling an actual goal, like magic dust will fall on us at midnight and change the very core of our character.

For those of you who don't make resolutions--I don't blame you.With such low success rates,the process definitely seems to be flawed.But maybe there's another way.In an ever-changing role in an ever-changing world, there has to be space for evaluation and course correction. The start of a new year is just another day of the year, but humans are ritual beings and we remember and change more effectively when it is tied to natural rhythms (like the calendar).

So, for those of you who have tried and failed and those of you who haven't tried at all, it's not too late.But do the work to increase your odds of success--make your goals meaningful, achievable, specific and measurable.And don't try to change everything.One thing at a time.And this is the kind of thing that works best in community.

How might you involve your community in committing or recommitting to some healthy improvements?

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