Modern Updates to Consider Implementing in Your Community

resident satisfaction

There is little doubt that, to stay successful, apartment communities have got to step up their game when it comes to providing the latest and greatest in customer amenities. While many apartment managers will concentrate on the technological side of this task, more prudent ones will also realize that some more affordable updates can work almost as well. Here are just a few:

  • Paint Neutral Colors – While many new residents will have a taste for the dramatic, most new residents will appreciate a neutral color that goes well with their current furniture.
  • Keep Lots of Light – Keeping window coverings to a minimum is a plus as it makes the rooms of the apartment seem brighter and more spacious. Still, don't forget to provide some coverage in the form of window blinds.
  • Enhance the Kitchen – By adding a portable, kitchen island, you will add versatility and functionality to any kitchen. Additionally, the island can be removed and placed out of sight when the resident is entertaining.

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