Event Feature: Big Budget Luau

Event budgets range from teeny-tiny to large-and-in-charge and include everything in between. Regardless of your budget, you can still host high quality events that foster deep connection and a create a great time for everybody! This event is specifically for those properties that have a budget toward the larger end of the event-budget-spectrum and are looking to spend some money! John & Lindsey are one of our CARES Teams in Charleston, SC, and they hosted a Luau last month complete with a fire performer. The fire was a huge hit and really helped to bring the whole theme together. They pulled out all the stops! This guy lit five different things on fire and did 15-minute performances two to three times throughout the event. What a bright addition to their Luau!

This is a unique and entertaining way to bring people together and add some “oomph” to your events. The company John & Lindsey used was Liquid Fire Entertainment. If you’re in the Charleston area and looking to use them, they come highly recommended!

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