Community-Building Amenities to Consider for Your Properties

resident experience

One of the biggest ways to differentiate your apartment complex from the competition is to make it more than just a home for your residents, but a true community.  Adding amenities that allow residents to mingle with their neighbors and make new friends can increase both their satisfaction with your community and your retention rate.

  • Game Rooms - Playing games together is an excellent way to turn strangers into friends. Create a game room in your clubhouse complete with billiards, board games, and kid-friendly games and host the occasional Game Night.
  • Cafes - Offering your residents a place to sit, relax, drink coffee, and surf the net is a great way to bring people together. Don't limit yourself to a coffee pot in your leasing office; design it like a real cafe with comfortable seats and host events like open mic nights once a month to bring residents together.
  • Dog Park -  A dog park is wonderful for keeping your resident pet owners happy and it makes it easy for neighbors to meet each other and form friendships.

By offering the best in amenities to your community, you can improve your resident satisfaction.  Share your own ideas on our Facebook page.