CARES Team Event Highlight {The Cooper River Bridge Run}

Here's just a little peek at the awesome things our CARES Teams are doing!

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We're excited to highlight Kristen & Brent, our CARES Team at The Boulevard in Charleston, SC! They recently hosted a couple of really neat events centered around a big, annual race that goes on in their community: The Cooper River Bridge Run. Here's the lowdown:

They hosted a morning event and an evening event!

The morning event included handing out water bottles, bananas, headbands, and shirts with their property's logo on them. It was a great marketing opportunity for their Greystar property because they handed out thousands of items with the property's logo. They also hired an '80s band (a big hit that scored the property some time on the 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. news) to play while the runners were waiting for the race to start.

6:00 a.m. '80s dance party anyone?

Then, Kristen and Brent hosted a relaxing evening event on race day for runners and their families to enjoy on The Boulevard property. They had a low-country boil for dinner, complete with a small acoustic band. This was also another great marketing opportunity for the property because people could come in, see the property, and experience first-hand what CARES and the property have to offer.

Who knows how many people in attendance are looking for a new place to lease or know of someone looking!

How could you get more involved in your city's community? Is there an annual event that happens in your backyard or one that you could easily set up a tent/station at?

This Greystar Property Manager, Regional Manager, Senior Managing Director of Real Estate, and more "high-ups" really enjoyed this event. They gave public kudos for it and have asked that it happen more often!

What about marketing for your property? CARES is an incredible program that partners with you to be an extension of your hands and feet: marketability, caring for residents, and improving your resident retention. We're all about redefining the resident experience through relationships. Contact us for more information about partnering with CARES today.


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