Beyond Concierge Service in the Multi-Housing Industry

Beyond Concierge Service Pic (2)

Beyond Concierge Service Pic (1) Much has been written in the multi-housing industry about the value of knowing what your residents want.  As with any service industry, personalized attention goes a long way toward cultivating loyal,  satisfied customers.  I believe we can do even better than that.

In a recent MultiFamily Insider blog, Tabitha Rewis discussed the rising trend of concierge service and describes a concierge hopeful's commitment to gathering information about his surrounding neighborhood.   Each night after his shift he would stroll the streets near the hotel where he worked getting to know each restaurant, dry cleaner, entertainment venue, etc.  He became known as an area expert and his tips increased dramatically as he provided personalized information based on his knowledge of the area.

Increasingly, this is the kind of service our residents are expecting.  But I'm suggesting going a step further.  Whereas a hotel concierge will primarily focus on a customer's vacation and recreation desires,  our industry has an opportunity to expand our service to the personal needs, not just wants, of our residents.  Our residents need more than entertainment, they need community and most likely they are in transition and unaware of local resources that might be able to provide much needed assistance.

You may know where the best happy hour is, but what about the best after school care program?  Where are the local AA meetings or domestic abuse shelters?  Are there residents who have an expertise that could be shared with others?  Where does a single mom find a tutor for her high schooler?

By providing resources for some of the deeper needs of your residents you will help your community to thrive and create the opportunity for some stability in people's lives.  And stability and personalized service make moving to another place much less appealing.

In our next blog I'll share how one management company is connecting with the local university to help international students thrive.

How do you work to connect residents to needed community resources?  We'd love to hear what's working!