Are You Overlooking Boomers?

BoomersA recent article in Multifamily Executive uncovers some interesting research about apartment searches and the 'Baby Boomer' generation. To start, the article addresses why taking Boomers into consideration might be a good business decision. While Millennials are sexier to recruit and more energy is spent in wooing them, Boomers often have more potential for staying power. When a Boomer moves in, they are much more likely to desire a stable residence. One interesting point for us at CARES was the desire Boomers have for more substantial community activities. According to Todd Harff, a Baby Boomer marketing expert:

"Planning social events with more substance is ... a must for the Boomers who plan to be involved in the community." Harff says one of the more successful causes he has seen Boomer renters engage in was a fundraiser for a local hospital.

Our CARES program is designed to provide opportunities to give back to the community on a regular basis. CARES Teams work with the property manager to choose causes and events that will connect with residents and work to ensure maximum participation and the highest level of excellence.

So, don't forget to highlight opportunities for more substantial community when marketing to Boomers. There's a good chance you'll attract a long term resident with a heart of gold.