After Forming a Relationship, How Do You Sustain It?


5669624021_d295349325 Relationships are built during normal "everyday" moments, from stopping at a coworker's desk to give them a compliment to holding the door open for a stranger. But once that initial bond is formed, the real question is determining how you will sustain that relationship.

When you look up the word sustenance in the dictionary, you get a definition along the lines of "nourishment." Yes, you need nourishment like food and drink to live and perform daily functions, but you also need nourishment for your relationships. Something as small as a smile here or a wave there can be enough to sustain that neighborly relationship.

Those of you that are married know that your marriage union cannot survive without consistent nourishment, and the same goes for a community. A community needs to be nourished and a great way to do that is with events to consistently bring residents together and help foster friendships. Father's Day is just around the corner; take the opportunity to plan a Father's Day Brunch and celebrate all the dads in the community!

What kinds of ideas do you have for sustaining a community's relationship?




photo courtesy of flickr