3 Easy Practices to Make Your Residents Love You

resident retention As any residential leasing agent can tell you, keeping the residents happy is a daunting task. Still, it is a fundamental part of the job. Here are three interesting ideas to help make this task a little easier and a lot more enjoyable:

Encourage and Respond to Feedback – Most residents just want to be politely heard. Let them express themselves, and heed their feedback.

Act ASAP on Maintenance Issues – While you may not always have the ability to immediately solve a maintenance issue, responding to the complaint in some way, shape or form can do a lot to mitigate the situation.

Create Some Special Moments – It doesn't always have to be a party or an event. Instead, try to choose something that allows you to include all of your residents. A small gift of candy or toiletries at the holidays or even a thoughtful welcome basket can do wonders to improve you rapport with the residents.

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