10 Things To Add To Your Good Ol' Pigskin Bash

Lots of people love it, some hate it, and most love any excuse to throw or attend a party!

I'm talking about good ol' North American Football. It's a culture in and of itself. And regardless of how one may feel about the grand sport, lots of people love it and it's a great tool to foster community. AKA: a great excuse to throw a party, eat some free food, and have a great time with neighbors!

We've come up with some things you can add to your pigskin shin-dig to try and successfully mingle the "I'm obsessed with football" crowd with the "Don't ever say that word around me" crowd - while having a great time and hanging out with neighbors.

  1. Add a Photo booth. Who doesn't love taking fun pictures with fun props? Depending on your budget, you can hire a company to come in and do it, or you can throw together a backdrop with some props and take fun photos on phones. Check out our Half A Dozen Ways To Photo Booth post for some idea starters and throw in some footballs if you want to keep with the pigskin theme.
  2. Host a Baggo tournament.
  3. Have some things for the kids. Parents may want to watch the game, but are concerned about their kiddos. So, provide some fun football crafts or competitive kids games while the game is on so everyone can have a great time. Check out our Pinterest board for some ideas.
  4. Vote on the best commercials. I know some people who only watch the Superbowl for the commercials - so have people vote and give away some gift cards! You could even do some voting before to see which company everyone thinks is going to have the best spot.
  5. Pair the game watching with a chili-cook off and award prizes for the best chili. Check out our Chili Pinterest board for recipes, fixins, & ideas.
  6. Pair a pigskin party with a {DIY} corner - something for the guys (or gals that love football) and something for the girls (or guys that love crafts). Some football bashes I've been to end up with all the guys in front of the TV and all the girls chatting in the other room. Why not provide an opportunity to finish that DIY project that's been looming?
  7. Add a philanthropic twist and encourage people to bring a donation to "enter" the party! You could do a Soles4Souls shoe drive, a toys for tots drive, or just have people bring their gently used items for donating to the local homeless/women's shelter. Check out our giving-back post here for some more ideas.
  8. Vendors, vendors, vendors. Invite some. Maybe a local brewery, a local wings place, a food truck, or a local bakery. You can give this food any theme you want. Wherever you're located, check out our local blog posts for places to get started locally.
  9. Add any sort of "bar" or "build your own..." to this event to spruce it up: baked potato bar, popcorn bar, s'mores building, hot chocolate bar, build your own nachos, chili bar, soup bar, or build your own hotdog with fun toppings. Anything that you can put "toppings" on, could be turned into a "build your own...".
  10. Do score predictions and award prizes for the winning spread/score.

Happy pigskin-ing!

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