Treat Residents to a Build Your Own Waffle Bar


Do you love waffles as much as we do? Toasty hot waffles finished off with delicious toppings are more than a delectable treat; they are also be a great way to build community. If you are searching for an innovative apartment community event consider planning a waffle bar to treat your residents.

Planning a waffle bar event isn't difficult! Make sure to consider:

  • What to serve: Having waffle makers and batter on hand isn't enough. Make a list of unique toppings that you can offer residents such as fruit spreads, syrups, nuts, and candies. Provide a wide enough variety to satisfy any taste.
  • Ways to promote the event: Make sure residents show up to your event by promoting it effectively. Post notices in common areas, include information in community newsletters, and share the event with every resident you speak to.
  • Connecting the event to a holiday: A waffle bar can also be connected to a specific holiday. Consider using the event to celebrate a holiday such as Valentine's Day or St. Patrick's Day and provide toppings that match.

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