Intergenerational Change

Over the last couple of years I've written numerous times about ways the apartment communities might be leaders in impacting societal ills.I mean, think about it.We are concentrated little communities where it is possible to build friendships,learn new things together and give back to the surrounding community as a galvanized group. I know it's somewhat idealistic, but that's where change happens.

Today I'm talking about intergenerational connections.Recently I was reading about young people who were teaching senior citizens how to use the computer to communicate with their families.And, I got to thinking--summer months might be a great time for bored high school or college students to engage in their community.What if you could help make that connection between teenagers and older adults?

And what about the transitory nature of our culture and lack of family close by?What if there was a safe way for young kids to connect with honorary grandparents?Or, a history night where residents could hear the stories of people who've lived longer than us?

And, yes, I know it takes some effort to coordinate all this and it might start slow and it might be difficult (though not impossible) to quantify monetarily.But, that's just the kind of thing we do at CARES. We specialize in helping you create communities that matter in a way that makes financial sense.

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