Event Idea: Food Truck Friday

When I think about what's currently trending, one of the first (and most amazing!) things to come to mind is the food truck. One of my favorite days of the week is Friday... Food Truck Friday! They shut down two blocks of downtown, park rows of fabulous food trucks to choose from and litter picnic benches, tents, and trash cans about. Such a beautiful scene: lots of different and equally amazing foods to consume, all kinds of new people to meet, community to build, local business to support, and (usually) cold local beer to devour. Now, to bring the Food Truck Friday block party to your community!

Here are a few tips to get started:

This is a great resource and list of things to think about when planning/brainstorming this event.

- Check out this Mashable article and Roaming Hunger for some great food truck locator tools and apps to see what trucks are in your area.

- Call some food trucks and and invite a few (or a lot) out to your property!

This site has great advice on inviting trucks out to your event.

-Schedule the event at a time that makes sense...dinner/lunch. Some food trucks may not be available on a weekend - ask them if there is a certain day that works better for most trucks, and schedule around that.

-Think space. Big trucks need somewhere to park and (sometimes) plug in, and people need somewhere to sit/stand/gather to eat.

- Make this an "on the go" event or a "stay and build community" event by providing tables/chairs/trash cans, blankets for picnic style, etc.

- Most trucks have a loyal group of followers who will hunt their favorite truck down (unless it's a catered/closed event). This could bring traffic to your leasing office and educate people about the perks of living somewhere that has a CARES Team!

-Think about inviting a local band/DJ.

- Try this event once; if it's a home run, consider making it a reoccurring event.

-Eat. Drink. And be merry :)

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