Event Idea: Champagne and Peonies

Women need women. To talk about their day with each other. To giggle, cry, and hug one another. To challenge each other to be the best people/moms/wives/employees they can be. To be encouraged in a season of singleness. To affirm that they really are doing a good job raising their kids. To bounce ideas off of one another. To wrestle through career challenges. To share in the joys and struggles of this life and know that not one of us walks alone, no matter what background we come from or what circumstance we're currently facing. Our Champagne and Peonies Party is designed to help foster community building among your female residents.

Our vision for this event is to create a beautiful, peaceful environment where women of all ages and all walks of life can join together to engage in genuine conversation and real community with one another. To do this, set up several small tables (to foster more intimate conversation)  outside, or lay out picnic blankets on the lawn/rooftop with simple place settings and center pieces. A card with "genuine conversation starters" can help your shyer guests come out of their shells.

Recruit volunteers to act as waiters for the afternoon and serve hors d'oeuvres, drinks, and little desserts, and to refill drinks. Just ask them to wear black slacks and a white button-down shirt to create an upscale vibe to your afternoon.

Don't hesitate to partner with local restaurants to cater or serve champagne. You could also call  local flower shops and see if they'd like to donate centerpieces in exchange for marketing.

Happy connecting!

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