Celebrate Halloween With Spooky Wreaths in Your Apartment Community

fun community events

fun community events Halloween is an excellent time to bring residents together for fun community events. Both kids and adults love to dress in their costumes, participate in holiday arts and crafts, and enjoy one another's company. If you're looking for ways to celebrate the Halloween season, consider engaging your residents by creating wreaths for their apartment doors.

You can challenge your residents to a wreath making contest or bring everyone together for a wreath making social where resources and creativity are shared. Several popular Halloween wreaths include:

  • Gauze wreath Use white medical gauze to create a "mummified" decoration. Add black ribbons and spooky touches to become one with the mummies.
  • Eyeball wreath Many craft stores sell spooky eyeballs that work together to make a perfectly spooky wreath. Simply add these eyeballs to a foam or wicker wreath painted black and your door decoration is ready to hang!
  • Black tulle wreath Tying strips of black tulle around a circular form instantly creates a haunting wreath. Add a large bow for hanging and spooky decorations for maximum effect.

Apartment event planning is a great way to build community.  What are some fun events that you've held at your community?