When the Resident Isn't Right

That's right, sometimes the resident isn't right.Of course, you already know that, but today I'm giving you permission to acknowledge it out loud.

But isn't this the number rule of customer service? Frankly, no.Sometimes the fallacy that says the resident or customer is always right can set you and your team up for some pretty bad treatment.This can be particularly demoralizing in a setting where you might interact with this person regularly.

So how do you respond to a disrespectful, unreasonable, or abusive resident?First, it's important to realize that difficult residents can negatively impact the morale of your team and you have a responsibility to them as well.

And, secondly, as customer service expert Shep Hyken reminds us, they might not always be right, but "they are always the customer.So if they are wrong, let them be wrong with dignity and respect."That probably doesn't mean yelling back at an abusive resident or attacking their character.But it may mean you respond by gracefully cutting ties with this resident, particularly if they are causing a major disruption among your team.Obviously, this won't become your new 'go-to' response when a disgruntled resident makes a scene in the leasing office.But don't make the mistake of sacrificing the safety, dignity, and morale of your team for the sake of an incorrect adage.

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