Wanting More

wanting more"I would like management to organize apartment-wide events like barbecues, pool party,  wine night.  I'd like to meet more of my neighbors and I'd like management to help coordinate that."  -From an anonymous Seattle apartment dweller in the December issue of Multi-Housing News. Yes, we're talking about adults, but we lead busy, transitory lives, and we sometimes need a push to get connected to others around us.  This resident is articulating what we know to be true of residents today.  They want to be part of the community and they want you to help make that happen.

But there's more.  Residents also want to feel connected to you, the management staff.  Jen Piccotti shares some effective strategies for helping residents feel important in her November Multifamily Insiders Blog.  It's not an easy task for the already overworked.

You want your residents to find what they're looking for in your community.  And what better time than the beginning of a new year to reinvigorate your efforts to help  your residents connect.   But it's not easy to do.  In the Multi-Housing News article, overwhelmingly, residents desired management-organized community activities, but they also didn't want anything else to suffer.  Some want big parties.  Others want more intimate gatherings-- book clubs, walking groups, scrapbooking.  And, they don't want the events to be lame.

Which is why the CARES program exists.  We have been helping residents to feel connected to each other and to staff for more than 10 years.  As residents themselves, they're involved in the lives of their neighbors, caring for needs, celebrating life events and doing life together.  As an extension of the staff, they're able to listen to resident concerns and help them feel heard and valued.  All this translates into real life value--socially and financially.

We'd love to meet with you to hear your vision for community and investigate whether we might be able to help you realize it!