The Role of Feelings on the Bottom Line

Humans are not rational beings.  Yet, much of our trend data depends on our ability to predict the behavior of these irrational beings. Eric Clark, Director of Marketing at Altman Companies recently spoke with the NAA about emotional intelligence and the importance of understanding the desires of the resident.

Clark asserts that it is important for current residents to feel as if the staff cares for them.While Altman has already considered the role of resident emotions in it's processes and procedures, I'm sure it wouldn't take you too long to think of some ways to show your current residents that you care.From asking for their feedback when they move in to taking the time to engage them in conversation in the office, resident care is an oft-missed opportunity.

Clark discusses the life cycle of a resident and the need to consider their emotions throughout.At CARES we have researched four specific life cycle events and created ways to connect at eachstage of the process.While feelings are difficult to quantify, the reality is that they drive much of our decision making process.The more you're willing to consider the emotions of your resident or potential resident, the more successful you will be.

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