Show Your Residents You Care About Fire Safety

fire safety Many apartment residents worry about an increased risk of fire because they live in buildings that share walls, ceilings, and floors. One way to reassure your residents and help them feel as though they are well cared-for in your community is by publicly promoting fire safety. There are several things you can do to promote fire safety in your apartment complex:

  • Change smoke alarm batteries: Keeping smoke alarms in working order is the best way to prevent fires. Establish a routine inspection and replacement schedule to ensure all alarms are in regular working order.
  • Schedule chimney inspections: Apartments with chimneys are at additional risk for fire because of flammable residue build up. Schedule inspections on a regular basis and perform any necessary maintenance in a timely manner.
  • Maintain safety regulations: Your apartment complex likely has a series of regulations to promote fire safety. Educate residents on these regulations and enforce them to promote resident safety.

Maintaining safety in your apartment complex increases resident satisfaction and an overall feeling of security. What are other ways you can promote safety within your apartment complex?