How Love Affects Your Job


Back in the day when I was getting my start in the corporate world, the common wisdom was that employees needed to keep their personal lives separate from their work lives. No one wanted to hear about a difficult marriage or a wayward child, and good employees were the ones who were able to compartmentalize their real life and keep it separate from job performance.

Fortunately, social sciences prevailed and we discovered what we instinctively knew was true--it doesn't work that way.And the data keeps building.A recent studyin Psychological Science showed a correlation between the personality of your spouse and your success at work.

While still a small segment of the business world, a few companies are taking this seriously, creating opportunities for spouses to vent, ask questions about the job and get acclimated to the culture their spouse spends most of their time in.And these companies believe it is worth the investment.

So, in this month where we focus on love, what might you be able to provide for your employees' partners to help them understand the culture and stresses of working for your organization on this particularly property?Because, there's no way to get around it--what happens at home affects the workplace. So here's to happy partners and productive staff!

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