Business Resolutions

new yearYou may or may not make personal resolutions, but this is a great time to consider some 2014 resolutions for your property.  Don't worry that January has passed or that there are business initiatives you don't control. Choose a few items that are directly under your control, and next year your boss will be highlighting your success. There are plenty of different types of resolutions, but we've highlighted two to get you started.

1.  Staff related

This is not a subtle attempt to improve the performance of your staff or get them to execute one of your ideas (although you may need to do that as well).  This is a public commitment you're making to lead more effectively.  This might mean a commitment to plan more organized staff meetings, or conduct more timely performance reviews, or provide more frequent feedback.  Whatever it is, make sure it's meaningful to your staff and achievable by you.


2.  Resident related

These resolutions will likely require the buy-in and cooperation of your staff, so why not include them in the process?  Take some time to review 2013 and consider a couple of key areas where resident satisfaction could be improved.  Once you've agreed on a plan, start talking about it with residents so they know you're serious.  These could include a commitment to listen to residents more, or provide healthier food at pool parties, or stay more connected via social media.  Be creative!  Most importantly, it must be measurable, meaningful to your residents, within your control, and doable.

The new year is a natural time to renew habits that will improve your leadership and customer service.  It's not too late to capitalize on this seasonal opportunity.  Here's to a healthier, happier, more effective year!