Know Your Residents

Know Your Residents

Catering to the needs of your resident demographics is essential to attracting and retaining residents. 

Neither of these statements is particularly revolutionary. The concept is so basic, it hardly needs repeating. Only, its not quite as simple as it sounds. Particularly the second statement. Wooing a prospect is a short-term process that provides a very tangible result. Whereas, on the other hand, retaining a resident is a long-term project that includes any number of variables.

Getting to know a prospect well enough to provide personalized service should be a primary focus for any leasing staff. But that same prospect may become quickly disengaged if they find interaction as a resident is less focused than the attention they received before they moved in. Which is why multifamily blogger Jennifer Brownhill asserts that “building a sense of community is essential.“ 

At CARES, we’ve seen that community building is as much art as science. It involves gathering and analyzing data, but also relational connection mixed with creativity and intuition. It begins with truly listening and observing. It means trying different things and employing multiple methods of communication to address the preferences of different demographics. 

We know it can be overwhelming to focus on both of those statements and we’d love to come alongside to help build a sense of community that will help the bottom line as it enhances the experience of your residents.

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