How You Can Bring Healing To Our Fractured Country

You don’t have to be a social scientist to recognize this is a polarizing time. The one thing we seem to have in common is a feeling of powerlessness.  And, powerlessness leads to anger. In this condition, its all too easy to oversimplify the demographics that seem to be pulling us apart. But one recent study uncovers an interesting contributor to our dilemma—isolation and lack of community. 

Civic engagement is at an all-time low and, as a result, we can experience a sense of being alone and vulnerable. If we do connect to community, it is likely going to be with others who look, act and believe like us; fueling a great divide. 

Although multifamily communities aren’t a complete cross-section of society, they certainly house people of different demographics. In addition, many of our residents are battling isolation and loneliness. That’s where you come in. Creating opportunities for residents to connect and meet people who are surprisingly similar in spite of some differences, won’t only increase your retention, it may save the world. 

That may be an overstatement, but you will find yourself part of the solution and may save yourself from a sense of powerlessness and isolation. Its certainly worth a try!

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