The Strategy of Culture, Part II

In Part I, I discussed the importance of healthy office culture on the strategic results. In Part II, I want to inspire an even bigger cultural need—influencing the culture of the community.  Not necessarily the demographics or interests, but more the sense of community that many of our residents are looking for.

While we like to think that we make decisions based on logical factors like cost, location and services, the truth is that even the most rational of us are impacted by less concrete factors like the “feel” of a place or an emotional response.  Case in point, apartment renters consistently name a “sense of community” as a key amenity.

Certainly, community culture can be influenced by creating spaces to congregate or having amenities like a fitness center or pool. But nothing affects culture more than interaction with people.  We’ve all been to lame pool parties so we know that just setting out snacks and playing music doesn’t ensure a good time. In a time of increasing isolation and loneliness, personal interaction and authentic conversation have a strategic impact on culture; directly impacting resident satisfaction and retention.

CARES Program has over a decade of experience in creating a sense of community and positively shaping community culture. Even better, we’ve been able to quantify the strategic impact.  Give us a call to see if a partnership might be right for you.

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