Solving Onsite Health Issues

As a frequent international traveler, I regularly check alerts for local health issues I need to be aware of. If you want to sleep well at night, don’t check out one of these websites with doomsday predictions of the inevitable pandemic to come. Frankly, it’s a bit frightening. 

However, we are already battling epidemics in this country. One of the most common could actually be significantly reduced with more frequent human contact.  The epidemic of loneliness. And lest you think this has little to do with your job or your community, you might be surprised. Harvard Business Review recently published a number of articles on the epidemic of loneliness in our culture and its negative impact on productivity in the workplace.  In one study, employees who self-identified as lonely consistently had lower task performance and team engagement. 

As community leaders we not only have our employees to think about, but also the residents who call our property home. According to the former Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Vivek H. Murthy, “Solving loneliness requires the help of institutions where people spend the bulk of their time.”  What could you do to help your staff and residents make deeper connections with each other? At CARES, this is a primary focus. We’d love to come alongside you and help make a dent in this very real health crisis. 



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