Intermingling Intergenerational Interactions

Boomers and millennials may have different motives, but they are often looking for similar amenities. Both want choices and convenience. While millennials may be looking for housing without the responsibility of long-term commitment and boomers may be downsizing to allow for more freedom and travel, both desire personal interaction with neighbors and social activity. This melting pot of intergenerational living has potential to produce an interesting mix. 

Both groups have something to offer the other. Boomers have life wisdom that can only be gained through years of living; seeing things through the lens of experience. Millennials have both passion and an adaptability that can help them deal with the pace of change experienced in this generation.

However, Stephanie Bland, VP of Operations at Knightvest Management has observed that those of similar demographics are likely to socialize with others of the same demographic.  While this is to be expected and not diminished, it seems we are missing a ripe opportunity to connect innovation and life experience. But, connecting the two generations requires some proactive, intentional action.  

How might you connect these two groups on your property? Are there organic ways to get boomers sharing their life experience and millennials their relevant cultural knowledge? At CARES, we specialize in maximizing the contributions of each resident for the health of the community and the individual. We’d love to hear what you’re already doing and join you as you develop your community resources even more fully.



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