Creating Space For Community

I was recently in a conversation with a financial planner from South Carolina. We were talking about how people connect and she shared with me the unusual whim that had dramatically improved the sense of community in her office building. This is the kind of thing that piques my interest so I was all ears. However, I initially thought I must have misunderstood when she started to explain.  

Pygmy Goats. Yep, that’s right. Pygmy goats helped bring people together. It seems there was some unused space outside her building that she decided to renovate. She has an eye for design and had ideas to beautify the area with benches, shrubs and flowers. Until she saw some pygmy goats and decided she needed to have them. Initially she thought she’d bring them home, but after that idea was vetoed by her family, she immediately thought of the space outside her office building. 

She shared how the goats have become a draw for employees, clients and passersby. Staff members and clients bring family to work just to be around the goats. Breaks and lunches find men and women in formal business attire from around the area gathering to relax and hang out with the goats. Friendships are formed. Stress is relieved. Community is enhanced.

What might that look like in our communities? I’m talking beyond the obvious pool, clubhouse or exercise room. How can we creatively use our space to draw people together? How might they bring potential new residents to our property while enhancing community for our current residents? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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