Givers & Takers

One of the most undervalued stats in any sport is the assist.  Until you realize that it’s the key to success.  Let’s take the NBA for example.  The all-time assist leaders are:

  1. John Stockton - 15,806 

  2. Jason Kidd - 12,091

  3. Steve Nash - 10, 335

  4. Mark Jackson - 12, 334

  5. Magic Johnson - 10, 141

These men are standouts in their own right.  But, somehow, their strength comes with an ability to promote others.

This transfers to management as well. Adam Grant, leading management author and professor, suggests that there are three kinds of leaders: Takers, Matchers and Givers. In basketball terms, givers are assist leaders.  They make everyone else around them great.  According to Grant, if you’re interested in creating an organization where givers are allowed to excel without burning out, you need to weed out takers. 

In this new year, take a moment to consider your own motivations as well as the motivations of your team.  What can you do to make your team more successful?  Who on your team is a natural giver that needs to be encouraged?  And, who among your residents is a giver?  These are people just looking for ways to help others grow and you connecting them to real opportunities on your property can help all of you succeed. 

At CARES, we are always on the lookout for givers.  We know that helping others look good makes everyone in the community better.  We’d love to help you maximize your potential!

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