Self-Serve vs. Human Touch

One of the grocery stores in my neighborhood recently removed the self checkout option in an attempt to increase the "human touch" factor. They definitely get points for effort.  However, today's consumer doesn't necessarily want to give up the self-serve option.  They do want good customer service when they have questions or assistance with the process.

Author Shep Hyken reminds us "self-service is an option to make customers’ lives easier, not a substitute for good customer service."  In other words, giving residents self-service options doesn't mean we can leave them to fend for themselves.  Very often questions will arise or systems will be down and the resident may struggle to figure it out.  If there is inadequate or non-existent support, this perk will quickly become a hassle.

So, whether it's operating the espresso machine in the office or setting up online payments, your residents need to know they can get their questions answered immediately and effectively.  Then you can offer "human touch" in areas like building fostering community and connection.