Increasing Your Time With Just One Word

While it's true that we all have the same 24 hours in a day, we also know that time is relative. An hour spent in line at the DMV goes much slower than say an hour engrossed in a good book or an hour at the beach or even an hour trolling Facebook. In one sense, time is a great equalizer.  But in another sense, we have lots of choices regarding how we live it. And those choices can make a big difference.

Since time is a fixed commodity, it can be easy to engage it as an obstacle to overcome. But what if we saw it as a foundation to be built upon? The concrete slab on which the framework of our lives is constructed.  In the multi-family industry, we know this as well as anyone. We regularly see how the use of square footage impacts the feel of a unit. We also see the unique set up each resident has using the exact same floor plan. The same is true of time.

So, what changes could you make in your 24 hours that would proactively create the kind of life you desire? A life where you are creative, productive and successful with space for connection to others and to your unique contribution to the world? I'm going to suggest one change. Practice saying 'no'. That's right. You may be able to grow more time with a healthy dose of the word no. Take a month and commit to saying to no to everything that will require more time from you--particularly at work. Say no to staying late to finish one more thing. Say no to more meetingsor longer meetings. Say no to time on social media. After a month, evaluate. What did you learn? What surprised you? What do you want to continue? 

Here's to trying to get more with no. We'd love to hear about your experiment!