Discovering Pain Points in Your Resident Experience


I recently saw a television ad for a refrigerator that has an interior camera. It allows you to remotely check to see if you're out of milk. Before my children were volunteering to drive to the grocery store to expand their newly licensed freedom, this would have come in pretty handy.  However, it really isn't a 'pain point.' This solves a problem I do not have. I accept the cruel reality that I have to open my fridge if I want an accurate view of what's available. 

However, I have plenty of other pain points in my daily life. In Clay Christensens' book The Innovator's Solution, he outlines how discovering customer pain points and effectively addressing them can be a game changer in the market. What is a pain point? Blogger Jennifer van der Meer uses the following descriptives: It's an emotional experience your customer is having. It is an identifiable part of the customer journey and is a commonality between many customers. It is also real, clear and present.

The bottom line is that delighted customers are made when pain points are diminished.  

As you identify your customer journey from the prospective resident, to signing the lease, to the move-in process where are some clear pain points?  How might your team develop innovative solutions to this pain point that would distinguish you from the pack?