Controlling What You Can

My mentor has a helpful tool for helping people figure out what they can control and what they can't. It's not rocket science, but it is a visual reminder of the few things I can change--mostly, me. It is a very helpful exercise when I begin to feel out of control or start obsessing about things I can't change. This low-tech table gives space to consider the following variables

  1. The stressor or problem
  2. What I can't control
  3. What I can control 
  4. What I will do

This is a great exercise for any area of life, but let's try it out with something practical--Occupancy.  Here's what it might look like.

In an increasingly disconnected world, people are looking for connection. If they can find it in the place they live, they will not leave easily. This doesn't necessarily require a large budget, but it does require some time and people who actually care. There are often residents who love to entertain or have creative ideas for connecting. At CARES we love empowering and connecting residents who have a creative ideas for community building, marketing, or serving. And, we do all the coordinating, vetting of ideas, background checks, and after hours setup and tear down. 

Regardless of a CARES program, make sure you're not stressing about things you have no control over and are taking action of the things you can.

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