Sustaining Creativity and Growth

It's not even February and for most of us, the initial steam of the new year's motivation engine is already a small puff in the distance. Apparently all the willpower we could muster was not enough to protect us from the onslaught of chaos and the tyranny of the urgent and the deep ruts of our old habits. So what will it take to breath fresh wind into our creative space? How will we continue to grow as a leader and a human being at this pace? There are plenty of options, but one of the most practical is pretty simple.

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And, let me add, read better. People Magazine doesn't count.

Don't read? That's no excuse. Listen to the audio book. The simple truth is this: leaders are readers. With so much information available and bombarding us all day long, it's tempting to resist this urge to take in more ideas. But, that's the crazy thing. Taking in the right kinds of content can help us organize and integrate helpful ideas and discard useless garbage. It can ignite creativity that brainstorming meetings will never achieve. It can recharge us and remind us of our passions--and even spark new ones.

So build a habit of reading (or listening) because habits eat willpower for breakfast. Here's to a new year of creativity and growth and a whole new world of good ideas. For a good place to start, check out this list from Chris Fralic on his take on the 15 best business books in 2015.