A New Start. Let's Begin With Our Residents.

new year typewriter.jpg

There's nothing magical about the January 1 calendar date. Starting a new year is really just a continuation of the current trajectory of our lives.  Unless...

Unless we take the time to evaluate and make adjustments to our course. It doesn't even have to be at the beginning of the calendar year! Crazy, right?  But, since we're here, let's take a few moments to ponder any tweaks we might want to make in our community. And, let's start with customer service. What is one, actionable item you could do to improve your customer service? 

Stephen Covey suggests that good customer service begins with how you treat your team.  "Always treat your employees the way you want them to treat your best customers." This is more than just advice for creating a healthy functioning staff, it is an invitation to a more integrated style of leading. This is particularly true in an environment where our customers can walk into our working environment at any time and sense any tension or negativity.

My mother taught me that I could tell how a boy was going to treat me by how he treated his mother. This was eerily true. And our residents get a picture of how they will be treated as they observe your treatment (or the effects of your treatment) of your team. 

How might you improve your interactions with your team? How might you encourage them to treat each other more like your best residents?  Our jobs are all about community. Let's create an attractive one in the office.