Pets and Profit

Do you live in a city with more pet strollers than baby strollers? In that kind of environment you would think renting to pet owners would be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, in the highly competitive market in which some residents live, owners often don't feel the need to accommodate the needs of furry family members. While very sad for us (we had to adopt our dog out to another family), it is also often missed opportunity to build community, generate additional income and differentiate your property from the competition.  

In a recent article in Multifamily Executive, the authors outlined some very practical considerations for determining pet policies.  From high-end amenities to pet-free floors/buildings to monthly Yappy Hours, the opportunities to meet the needs of a wide range of residents can be accommodated and managed with some planning and forethought. Included in the article are practical ways to keep costs down (or even profit) with pet owning residents.

For us at Apartment Life, it's not hard to see how integrating pet activities into the life of the community is an easy win for retention and satisfaction. Our community building experts can help you integrate pets into your life or community. And, we will help you think through the needs of other residents who are not so fond of animal companions sharing the elevator, pool and grounds.  

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